2/09/13 (Saturday) – Alamo

After the previous week’s short venture I decided to go back out to the Alamo market.  I went out on Saturday while the wife was attending a meeting.  I set out early and managed to make significant finds.  Here’s the swag…

1.  Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker (Cold Weather Gear) and Emperor Palpatine Figures

I found these two carded figures being sold by a vendor and the distinctive cards caught my attention right away.  They are older figures, one being from the Revenge of the Sith line (2005) and the other from The Clone Wars set (2010).

I had been looking for an Emperor figure for a long time to compliment my Imperial Guards so it was a lucky find.  The Anakin figure was a nice bonus.  Variants with different colors or clothing is usually nice but I like Cold Weather variants because it reminds me of playing with my Empire Strikes Back figures when I was a boy.

2.  Marvel Universe – Captain Marvel Figure

One of my usual guys had this carded Captain Marvel figure for sale.  I was a little hesitant at first but since I was already going to be buying a couple of things from him I decided to add it to the mix and make it a done deal.

I don’t have very many Marvel Universe figures.  There have been many that I have wanted but adding another collection of figures to the ones I already have was an expense I couldn’t indulge in.  Thankfully, the secondary market is good for catching up.  Case in point, is this classic Captain Marvel figure.

This figure portrays Captain Marvel (or Mar-Vell as he is also known) which is a classic Marvel character from the 70’s.  He was one of the first great cosmic heroes for Marvel Comics and also known for being a character that not only died a tragic death (cancer) but remained dead in continuity.

Although he is a cool figure and I do like the character I was never a true fan of his unlike my friend from High School, Wag (Javier).  I was more of a fan of his replacement, Quasar.

I picked up this figure for $5.

3.  Star Trek Bendable Figures

I stumbled across a new vendor who was selling a large pile of mixed items on his table.  Pretty much everything was a dollar.  I saw this loose Jem’Hadar bendable figure.  It’s rare to find Star Trek stuff on the second market around here so I asked how much.  When he saw my interest in the figure he dug out a couple more still in box.  One was another Jem’Hadar and the other was Borg.  The were old and damaged but cute and only a dollar each so I snagged them all.

4.  Belt of Nerf Darts

At the same table as the bendies was this belt of Nerf darts.  It was made for the large rapid-fire Nerf guns and are quite expensive for pieces of rubber and foam.  The man gave me the whole belt, darts included for a dollar.

5.  Magnaguard and Zatanna Figures

I found this Magnaguard at the same table that I found the Captain Marvel figure.  I had been looking for one of these guys to man the Magnaguard Fighter that I had found awhile back.  He was missing his cape but still had his staff and was in good condition.  $2.

Zatanna was found at a different table and was a last minute addition.  The wife and I collected Justice League figures a while back when the show was still on and the figures were still being sold.  I didn’t know if we had a Zatanna figure so I snagged her.  She was a dollar.

6.  More Mini-Figs!

This mix of miniatures was scavenged from the bottom of toy piles.  The two Star Wars figures are for a tabletop game and the other is Raven mini-fig from the Teen Titans line.  They were each about 50 cents.

7.  Transformers Mini-bots

A couple more things I found in the bottom of the toy piles.  These Transformer Mini-bots are of Long Haul and Classic Jazz.  They were also each 50 cents.

8.  Rebel Snowspeeder Christmas Ornament

I found this Snowspeeder on the same table as the Captain Marvel figure and the Magnaguard.  I thought it was just a model or plastic miniature until I saw the brass hanger bent over the top of it.  I wanted it instantly since I love collecting geeky x-mas ornaments.  It was electronic but the underside where the battery case was kept was completely rusted out.  It was $3 so it was a good deal even if the electronics didn’t work.

I got it home and after about 10 minutes of fiddling with it I managed to pry out the rusted batteries from the compartment.  The insides were completely rusted out but I tried my best at scraping off all the rust from the insides and wiping it down with alcohol.  Once done I tried to find some new batteries for it.  I had a few batteries that would fit but they were pretty much dead.  I tried them out anyways and pressed the button.

A faint voice came from the speaker.  It was Luke Skywalker planning the attack run on the AT-ATs.  Some new charged batteries would fix that.  So, after a couple of bucks and a little elbow grease I have a snazzy new Star Wars X-mas Ornament.

9.  General Rieekan Figure

The toy lady that I get some of my toy figures from rarely gets new figures but I like to dig through her supplies.  You never know what you’re going to find, right?  After digging I saw this General Rieekan figure from 2004.  Nothing special about him but he is a rare figure, came with his weapon and made a great addition to my Hoth diorama.  This made the expense of $2.50 a little better to swallow.

10.  Stuffed Klingon Teddy Bear

The last thing I found before leaving the pulga was this little guy sticking out of a pile of plushies.  There are many stuffed animals to find at the flea market but I think because of Valentine’s Day they went the extra mile and dug deep from their suppliers.  He was a little rough around the edges but I would expect nothing less from a Klingon warrior.  Even slightly used he was a great find.  I’ve been playing a lot of Star Trek Online lately and writing Trek stories so it was a sign.  I got him for $1 and sent him off to my best friend and fellow Trekkie, Trish for Valentine’s Day.


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