1/26/13 – 23rd St. Pulga

A few things to mention before getting into the swag that I got from this latest excursion to the pulga.  First off, this is the first time I have gone out to the market on a Saturday instead of a Sunday in quite a while.  The reason for this is because Iggy  finally had time to go out before going into work and decided to take me to the pulga.

We went to the 23rd st. market since there had been a better assortment of toys there lately.  I don’t think it really mattered where we went or what we did since it would be the first occasion for us to hang out in a long time.

It was good that he came along with me since he brought a much needed mojo which had been severely lacking as of late.  Without further ado, here are the artifacts which I found there.

1.  Cybertronian Cliffjumper Transformer

Iggy actually found this version of Cliffjumper early in the expedition while I was looking at other things.  He was going to take him home but decided at the last minute to pass on him hoping to find something else in the market.  It was a good find and was complete in his blister pack missing only the instructions and cardboard backing.

Part of the fifth wave of Generations Deluxe class toys, Cliffjumper is a red retool/redeco of Cybertronian Bumblebee with a new head, transforming into a round “Cybertronian racer mode”.  His toy comes with a handgun and features two wrist-mounted, flip-out blades. The handgun can be stored inside his rear bumper in either robot or vehicle mode.

Bumblebee is the more popular character in the Transformers line but Cliff was more like the older, cooler brother and I like that.  He cost only $5.

2. Geek T-Shirts

While Iggy was talking to a local DJ scoring some sweet music I was across the way looking at some T-Shirts.  I like to look through the used shirt racks looking for interesting things.  I’ve been able to find some nice used/vintage clothes before so I like to keep my eye out.  I noticed an odd shirt from a distance and decided to look closer.  It was a shade of brown with a western theme printed on the front but there was something familiar about it.  I examined the logo closely.

It was a Firefly themed shirt!  Browncoats are what fans of the Firefly series call themselves and Serenity Valley is a significant location in the Firefly Universe. I enjoy Firefly, the followup movie Serenity and the fandom but I rarely consider myself a “Browncoat”.  Still, it was a cool geek shirt and not seen often in these parts so I decided to take it.

I kept looking and only found one other cool shirt in the mix.  This Transformers Autobot T-shirt.

I decided to take it too.  Problem was, both shirts are a Large (L) in size and I wear, at minimum, an Extra Large (XL).  Both shirts were a dollar each and good deal.  I figured I could give them away as gifts or possibly sell them at a later date.

3.  Nyan Cat T-Shirt

Further on as Iggy and I looked out for things, I swung by another vendor who sold shirts.  I hoped that my luck would hold and it turns out it did.  Several gamer shirts were available that I had seen before but I am not much a fan of  Nintendo themed merchandise.  Then, I saw this.

It’s a Nyan Cat Shirt!  Nyan Cat is an internet meme that was quite popular about a year or two ago.  The original website can be found here but you can see the original video here.  Basically, Nyan Cat, also known as Pop Tart Cat, is an 8-bit animation depicting a cat with the body of a cherry pop tart flying through outer space.  Lots of little games and animated pictures popped up during this time and everyone thought it was cool.

I had seen this shirt at the pulga before and had planned to buy it earlier but it disappeared and I assumed it had been bought.  I was overjoyed to see it back on sale, seemingly just for me!

I like collecting classic meme, pop culture type stuff to reflect my enjoyment of them since back in the day.  Guess, it’s the hipster part of me but I want to be the guy who still wears a “Frankie Says Relax” shirt knowing only the cool people will know what it means.  The shirt cost me $2.

4.  Aqua Droid Star Wars Figure

We were on the hunt for Star Wars figures but hadn’t had much luck.  The usual guy who had figures wasn’t there that day and there didn’t seem to be anyone there that had any figures or at least figures we didn’t already have.  I found one person who was selling a couple of Droid figures but Iggy wasn’t interested.  These were a couple of “bad guy” droids and he only collects the cute, friendly ones that the good guys use.  LOL.  One of these droids was an Aqua Droid which was used on water worlds in the Star Wars universe and one I did not have.  I got him for $3.

5.  Optimus Prime Mini-Figure

We found a few vendors that sold a variety of toys.  Iggy found some small troopers for himself and I found this little guy and another Transformer in the mix.  This Optimus Prime Mini-Fig is in great condition and it the classic Generation One Optimus Opening the Matrix of Leadership.  He cost only$1 and was well worth it.

6.  Transformer Barricade

The last thing I found was at the same table that I got the Mini-Prime from.  It was the Transformer Barricade from the first live-action Transfomer Movie.  It was complete and in good condition.  I plan to set him up in my office at work.  Got him for $3.

Well, that’s it for now.  A big thanks to Iggy for taking me out on Saturday and I hope that we can do it again soon.  I miss you bro!

Till next time…


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