1/20/13 – Alamo Flea Market

After striking out the previous week I decided to start back at the Alamo Flea Market.  It took some doing but I finally found a couple of things to take home.  Hopefully, next time there will be more or I may have to start worrying about my mojo.

1.  Cad Bane Clone Wars Figure w/Droid

I ran across a vendor who was selling several virtually new Star Wars figures.  This wasn’t one of the usual toy vendors so it seemed that someone managed to get a box of unsold figures.  I wasn’t surprised as I had already seen new series of figures in stores so a lot of the older, unsold figures would be moved to sell.

I didn’t see anything that I wanted at first but since I had been having no luck finding anything good I decided to look again.  I already had most of the figures so it would just me getting something for the sake of getting it.  That’s when I noticed something different about the Cad Bane figure.

The figure was a variant that I had been searching for for quite a while.  This particular figure had a bonus to it that other issues of this character did not have.  This one had a little droid companion added to it which was issued at the start of the Second Season of The Clone Wars cartoon a few years ago.  I had planned to buy this figure at the time it was issued but could not find this particular variant again after I saw it.  Yay!  It cost me $5 which for an older figure in excellent condition is a fair price.

After buying this figure I saw another vendor who had a similar assortment of figures in another isle but there was nothing there that I wanted.

2.  Darth Vader Talking Key Chain

I spotting this little item amongst an assortment of little toys.  I wasn’t sure what it was at first.  It had a key ring attached to it but it was quite bulky to be a key chain.  It had a speaker in the back but it made no sound.  There were no buttons or even any way to open up the device to replace the battery so I guess it was issued as a one time use device.  It was probably a issued with a kids meal at some restaurant but now its just for looking.  Still it is unique and makes a good addition to my Darth Vader collection.  The price, $.50.

3.  Commander Faie Action Figure

After passing the previous two stalls that had Star Wars figures I lucked out and found a man who was selling this figure of Commander Faie.  I had never seen this figure before and instantly noticed the special helmet that matched the one I had found on a figure I got on a previous expedition.  One mystery solved!  The vendor wanted only $2.50 for him and though the package was damaged it was still intact.  It even had the bonus Droid leg on the back of the package.

4.  Lego Star Wars figures

Along with Commander Faie there was also a loose Lego Star Wars figure for sale from that vendor.  It had no helmet but it was obviously a trooper of some kind.  After perusing the Lego Star Wars Character book that I had gotten previously I deduced that it was a Snow Trooper, minus the helmet.  I bought it for a dollar along with the action figure.

At another table I found another Lego Trooper, this one a Stormtrooper.  I decided to buy it and hold it in my collection.  I will probably give it away as a gift but I may start to collect these figures if I can find them for an affordable price.  This little guy cost me $2 which is the limit I will pay for these guys unless they are rare, special or I become interested in collecting these figures in earnest.

That’s all for this occasion.  Hopefully, my luck will improve and I will find more great stuff in the future.


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