1/6/13 – 23rd St. Pulga

I went back to the 23rd Pulga this past Sunday to see if any of the things I past up the week before were still there.  It was my friend Melinda’s birthday (Iggy’s wife) and I wanted to see if I could get her something from the market on top of some things I already had in my collection.  Also, since I know that Iggy loves Lego Star Wars I wanted to see if there were any more of those books for sale that I had picked up the previous week.  Unfortunately, the lady who was selling the books was no longer there but I did pick up a few interesting things.

1.  Welding Goggles

I had been searching for a pair of goggles for a long time.  They aren’t as common to find secondhand as you’d think.  Luckily I managed to find this pair in a toy pile of all places.  It was still in a plastic bag like a cheap pair of sunglasses and I think the lady I got them from didn’t know what they were.  She gave them to me for $2.  I plan to paint them and use them for a Steampunk costume I plan to put together.

2.  Magnifying Visor

Another item I had been looking for was a magnifying device to help me with my toy/collectible repair.  I needed something that allowed my hands to be free to do this but had no luck until I found this visor in a junk bin.  It was clean and in good condition.  The lenses had some very slight scratches to them but they were more than adequate and had a velcro attachment in the back to make the fit upon my head much easier.  They were only $1.

3.  Star Wars Figures

I had seen a vendor who was selling Star Wars figures the previous week for $3 at his stall.  I had seen several that I wanted but did not have the money to spend.  He was obviously a collector.  All the figures were in individual plastic bags and had a weapon or accessory with them.

Since it was Melinda’s birthday I knew that I could possibly get some figures there for her collection.  She favors Troops just like Iggy and I do and hopes to become a real live Stormtrooper someday.  So, I headed back to the vendor to see what he had.

Most of the figures were still there but a few that I had hoped were there were now gone.  Still there were a few gems, including a special Chewbacca figure that I had had my eye on.  Most of the troops were gone but there were a few pilots left.  I got an Imperial TIE Pilot for Melinda, the Chess Playing Chewbacca and a Imperial Clone Pilot for myself.

I gave the vendor $10 and while I was waiting for my change he told me that he would let me take another figure and call it even.  I didn’t need to be told twice. I chose a older Clone Pilot to make the set of pilots complete.

4.  Boxed Star Wars Figures

On my way out I decided to check out something I had seen previously before. I saw that a man had an opened Obi-Wan Kenobi figure in his stall.  Normally, this would not be a big deal.  Although he is one of my favorite characters, I already have several figures for him.  What did catch my attention was the fact that there was a pack of hidden weapons in the back.

As I said before, weapons are always gold so I decided to ask how much he was.  The guy didn’t know so he asked his wife.  She settled on $2 which was a great bargain for the figure.  He was missing his lightsaber but the pack of weapons more than made up for that.  I agreed and gave him the two bucks.

As I handed him the cash he mentioned that he had another figure that he would give me for just one dollar more.  It was a figure of Yarna d’al’ Gargan, one of Jabba’s Dancers or as she is otherwise known as “That fat chick with the 6 tits from Return of the Jedi”.  She was complete, still in her blister pack so I figured, “Sure, why not?”

She was an uncommon figure since no one really wanted a fat girl with 6 boobs to play with and was a very rare figure back in the day so I took her home.

Well, that’s all for now.  More soon.  Stay tuned!

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