Pickins that Time Forgot

OK, I think I have found all the little things I discovered at the flea markets between my previous posts.   They were not much at the time I got them but putting them all together I think they will make a worthy post and will get this blog back on track.

1.  Force Unleashed II- Starkiller Mimobot Flash Drive

There’s a lady at the Alamo Flea Market who sells toys exclusively.  They are mostly stuff for younger kids and old discarded toys from decades past.  She does have a small collection of Star Wars figures and I have found some cool stuff there in the past.

On one of my visits I found something unusual.  This small large-headed figure appeared in the pile in a small plastic bag.  I had seen Mimobot flash drives online before but never in person and certainly not at the pulga.  I knew it was a Star Wars character but I was unfamilar with it.  Nevertheless, it was a USB flash drive of a Star Wars character and I knew I couldn’t pass it up.  The lady sold it to me for $3.

After some research, I discovered the identity of the character that this flash drive was modeled after.  Turns out this particular Mimobot was a special exclusive that came with the Collector’s Edition Force Unleashed II Boxed Set.  The character was that of Starkiller, the main character from the Force Unleashed video game.  I never had the opportunity to play the game even though I heard it was awesome.  Still, having managed to acquire this small collectible was quite the feat.  It was only sold in the Collector’s Edition of the game and had exclusive game content installed on the drive.  Unfortunately, the USB drive was wiped clean but its a perfectly good Star Wars themed 2GB USB drive and for $3…that’s just fine.

2.  Star Wars Figures

I found these two figures on the same excursion as the Mimobot.  The Clone Trooper was found at a random stall and the alien pilot was from the same vendor as the flash drive.

The trooper is a member of the 501st Legion and is noted by having the blue markings upon the armor and are noted for being Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader’s contingent of troops.  His is missing his right hand but as I mentioned in previous posts this is easily repaired.  I got him for a dollar.

The alien pilot figure is a female Mon Calamari Rebel Pilot by the name of Ibtisam.  She was part of a special line of 2-pack of figures for X-Wing:Rogue Squadron comic book shown here.  There are not many alien pilot figures and even less of them female.  She makes a good addition to the collection and is missing her helmet and weapon.  She cost me $2.

3.  Headless Star Wars Figures

I found these two headless figures at a random table.  Never ceases to amaze me what kids do to their toys.  I don’t remember ever doing anything like that when I was young but I did have a friend who liked to chew the heads off of figures so…

The body is that of Captain Rex from the Clone Wars line and the Rebel Pilot is unknown.  It could be anyone from the various Rebel pilots that have come out over the years.  Refitting Rex with a new head is easy to do but I think adding a new generic head might make the figure better and make him some random part of the 501st.

As for the pilot it actually makes it a better figure to have the head missing.  Now, I can pretty much put any figure’s head on the body and make it a special Rebel Pilot version of the figure.  Cool, huh?  For now, they will remain headless until I can come up with something for them.  I got them for $1 each.

4. Miscellaneous Star Wars Weapons

It’s rare to be able to find large quantities of action figure accessories at a random place like the flea market, but sometimes fate smiles down upon you and you find yourself lucky.

One of the main action figure vendors at the Alamo Flea Market had a second table setup across from him, managed by an older woman.  His mother perhaps?  And there they sold a number of Episode I figures and other stuff.  I found a number of random weapons and made a small batch that would fit my Star Wars figures.  Got them for $5.  Although it seems pricey, it actually works out for me in the long run.

5.  Mini Figures

On another excursion I managed to actually go out to the flea market with Iggy.  Sadly we did not find much and didn’t stay that long.  I found these small figures in different stalls.  All together they cost me $3.50 with the Slave Leia figure costing the most at $2.  The table where I got the weapons for my Star Wars figures (see #4 entry above) had a lot of these little Star Wars for sale.  Iggy and I both collect them but they wanted way too much for us to buy them up.  I made the exception for Leia because she’s cute, sexy and rare among those figures.  As for Sully and Wicket, they are both hard plastic and I thought they would look good in my office at work.

6.  Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Novel

On a recent excursion I left to the pulga in a foul mood.  Kim was still looking for work and money was tight.  I had a few bucks and a pocketful of change so I decided to go anyways so I could get out of the house and blow off some steam.

Once there I started walking through the parking lot and found $4 on the ground.  I took this as a sign and decided that this would be the money I would spend that day, saving the rest of my money for other things.

I saw a few things that had potential but nothing that was worth spending the small amount I allowed myself to spend.  Then I ran across this.  It was buried under a pile of loose books and random clothes on a table ran by an old lady.

As I’ve said before, a good sign of treasure of seeing something that doesn’t belong with what the vendor is selling.  Since she was selling clothes with a few books thrown around on top, I knew that there could be something there.  There were a few potentials but at the very bottom was this copy of the Ultimate Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.  This book contained 5 books and 1 story of the series all in one novel.

It was slightly used and leather-bound.  I remember seeing this exactly copy of the book some years back and I always planned to get it but never did.  I think it may have run around $30 back in the day.  There are not many books of this type being sold and a new edition of this novel is selling for almost $300 on Ebay at the time of this entry.

I bought this book for $2.

7.  Borsk Fey’lya Action Figure

The other $2 I spent on this outing was for an unusual Star Wars figure.  It was for the character of Borsk Fey’lya, who was an influential character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  He appeared in the Star Wars novels that took place after the movies starting with Heir to the Empire by Timothy Zahn.

He was included in a special comic book 2-Pack and is the only Bothan action figure in the series as far as I know.

Well, that does it for now.  This covers the few things I managed to scrounge between major outings so I hope it makes up for my time away.  I plan on making a “Best Of” series of entries on things I found before I started this blog so stay tuned for that.

Till next time!

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