X-Mas at the Pulga (12/23/12)

Hello again.

It has been a while since my last post, and for that I must apologize.  I had not had much opportunity to go out and venture to the flea markets as of late.  Money has been tight since the wife lost her job and the few times I did manage to go out I did not find much of interest.  I will make a posting later on collecting the few things I did find in the previous month but right now I wanted to show off the cool things I found at the Alamo Flea Market this past Sunday.

The occasion for the trip was quite special.  Not only was it the weekend before Christmas (which means more people selling and buying stuff) but also the first time I would be able to share the experience with my best friend, Trish, who was down from Santa Fe, NM for the holiday.  She had never been to the local Pulga before and I had been promising to take her the next time she came down to the Valley.  I made sure to make time for us to go so when her and her boyfriend Scott came down I made plans for us to go on Sunday so they could get the full experience.  Fool that I am, I did not take any pictures of us while we where there to capture the experience.  I keep forgetting I have a camera on my phone.  😛

In any case, it was a lot of fun and I showed them everything there was to see.  They found a few things for themselves and helped me find a few things to add to my collection.  Here’s what I found:

1.  X-Men Nightcrawler Figure

This small figure is part of a set of X-Men related figures (which were also for sale) which may be part of a diorama or merely for display purposes.  I don’t know its exact origin but considering that the Rogue in the set was wearing her costume from the 90’s its safe to say that this is a good sign as to its age.  Nightcrawler is one of my favorite Comic Book characters and favorite X-man next to Shadowcat.  I snatched him up for about a $1.50

2.  12 inch Scale Jawa Figure

I don’t normally collect 12 inch scale figures, not that there’s anything wrong with them.  These larger figures are usually bought up by both completest collectors and older nostalgia fans.  Action figures used to be full scaled “dolls” (most around 12 inches) which sold primarily up to the 70’s.  It wasn’t until Star Wars came out and pushed the line of smaller 4 inch figures that the trend took off in the 80’s and stayed as the current go to size.  The larger 12 inch figures were still made and sold but they were never as popular as they once were.  I came from the time when smaller figures were all the rage.  Star Wars, G.I.Joe and many other lines were all small and we thought that big figures were just…dolls.

Visiting one of my usual tables at the market I saw that there were no new figures that I had not seen before and was discouraged from buying until I saw this little Jawa figure.  He was really cute and well detailed (which was one of the main selling points of the larger figures).  I have a small but growing collection of little Jawa figures in my collection and wondered if I should buy the little guy.  He would be my first large scale figure and would look great on display.  Trish thought I should take it but I wasn’t convinced.  I was preparing to move on when she called me back and showed me that she found the gun that came with it.  Sure enough it was indeed the gun that Jawas use and fit the figure perfectly.  I have a rule that when it comes to “maybe” type figures; guns and accessories always make it a “yes”.  The cost?  $5.00.  This is the vendors usual price for large figures so it was a no-brainer.  I fished out a handful of change from my pocket and bought the little guy.

After some research I was able to conclude that this figure was from the 90’s Power of the Force line of figures and was one of the first smaller characters to be made to the 12 inch line.  The back has a button which makes the eyes light up (which still works!) and has real fabric clothing along with the plastic gun and belts.  A little bonus was a small detachable “remote control” that was inside the belt which he uses to control the droids he captures.  Pretty cool, huh?  So, we have a complete 90’s era 12 inch scale Jawa figure, in good condition, with clothes and accessories for only five bucks.  Not too shabby!

3. Leather-bound Pocket Bible

We visited the small book vendor hoping to find some new reads.  My friend Trish loves books just as much as I do, if not more.  I had not seen much of late but then she might have found something that I had missed or something that would interest her that I would normally pass on.  We looked around and did not find much but this small bible did call out to me.  I normally avoid religious texts unless I’m shopping for my mother or find something of intellectual value.  This small pocket bible stood out from the dusty, second hand books and was obviously fairly new.  It was small, leather-bound with an etched Celtic cross on the cover and had silver leaf covering the page ends.  It was in modern English and had seen very little use.  There were no writings, signatures or highlighting on any of the pages inside the book.  I was impressed but did not really see the need for it.  We moved on.  I took but a few steps away from the table when I looked back at it.  I don’t know why, but it did call to me.  I was reminded by my inner voice that I no longer had a bible of my own.  My confirmation bible was lent to a friend some years ago and was never returned.  Any others that I may have acquired over the years were either shared, given to the church or otherwise outside of my collection.  I went back for it.  The cost?  $1.00

4.  Stargate Figures

We were on our way out of the Flea Market at this point and I was talking with Trish discussing where we would go for lunch.  Her boyfriend Scott had been checking things out behind us and caught our attention when he mentioned that he saw a vendor that had small Star Trek figures for sale.  Trish and I are big Star Trek fans and we had actually seen a few figures there that day for sale but they were not worth the price that was asked for them.  Seeing the possibility for one last thing to buy before we left, we headed back to check them out.  Upon inspection I had seen these figures for sale before.  I had never asked about them because they were very tiny, low quality figures.  They came out in the 90’s when Micro Machines were all the rage.  I actually have some of the Star Wars figures from this line but they are all currently in storage and not of much use to me these days until I start gaming again.  Both Trish and I decided to pass on the little Star Trek figures but the vendor was also selling these vintage Stargate Figures.

These figures were merchandise from the original Stargate movie which came out in 1994.  I was a big fan of the movie and watched it several times and collected a few of the things sold for the film.  I never did collect the toys though.  I wanted to but at the time I was in college and had not started my toy collecting.  Buying toys as an adult was a stigma at that time if you were not buying for a child.  Also, I was still seeing my Ex-Girlfriend Monica who was living in Chicago at the time and money was really tight.  I made a pass on buying the toys and did not look back.  Years later the movie was franchised into a TV show and that sparked interest in Stargate once again.  The Collectibles market was already underway in the late 90’s and everything was very expensive.  These toys became popular on the secondary market for a while and could only be found online.  I was already restarting my Star Wars collection after selling my originals to my friend J.C. to pay for my trip to Chicago so, once again, I passed on these.

Now, 18 years later I had my chance to buy them.  They were being sold for $3 a piece which was a respectable price.  Seeing as money was currently tight and we still had lunch to do I had hoped to pass on them and come back for them a week later after getting paid but Trish would have none of it.  Despite already getting me Christmas presents, she bought me one of the figures and wished me Merry X-mas.  Having no choice, I shelled out 3 Dollars for the other figure to match the set.  Now, both are part of my collection and I can start looking for the vehicle that goes with them.

So, that ends my little X-mas excursion for this year and I want to thank Trish and Scott for accompanying me to the Alamo Flea Market.  I hope you guys had a good time and hope that we can do it again soon.  There are plenty of other Markets out there to check out so plan for it!