Sunday 11/11/12

Yesterday I made my way to the 23rd Flea Market.  I knew it was going to be an off day but I needed the outing.  A cold front was through so the weather was decent.  However, because of the dry conditions of the season there was a lot of dust blowing around.

It was a fairly packed day, even for a Sunday.  I actually had to park in the back for the first time since I started making the habit of going to the market.  This made it strange for me since I had to walk the market backwards to the way I normally walk it.

There was a lot to see and I found several things that I wanted to buy but sadly they were far too broken or incomplete to make it worth my while.  Still, I did find a couple of things for my collection.

1. Imperial Guard

Here is another Imperial Guard figure that I got from the vendor where I got my last one.  This one isn’t in as good condition as the first one but it is still in box so it  was a good deal.  Got him for $3.

2.  More Clone Troopers

I found a few more troops that I needed for my collection.  One was the Cold Weather version of Captain Rex that was only missing a hand (easily replaced, see Broken Troops in a previous post).  The other was a new troop I could not identify.  With some research her appears to be a Clone Pilot from around 2005 but the helmet does not match.  I have yet to still identify it.  Each figure was about $2.

3. Mini Troopers

I also found a couple of mini troops there at the pulga.  One was a rare Sandtrooper in great condition and the other is Clone Trooper, not sure what type just yet.  Each one was $1.


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