Saturday 10/20/12

So today I went to the Alamo Flea Market instead of alternating to one of the other markets like 23rd, Wesmer or Donna.  Normally, I would have done so but I was on a mission this weekend.  The wife and I recently upgraded our phones so we needed accessories for them.  Alamo has several phone vendors so I decided to go there this weekend.  Plus it was another opportunity to find awesome stuff.

1.  Phone Cases

Found these phone cases which are basic and in the same colors as our phones (black for me and white for her).  We plan on getting better ones that suit us but I figured we needed something in the meantime to better care for our phones and keep them clean and undamaged.  The white case is plastic and the black one is rubber but they both were $6.

2.  Phone Stylus

I already have a small stylus for my phone but I thought that the Wife needed one since this is her first smart phone and she loves playing games and texting. They didn’t have the same stylus that I had and most of the ones I found were for Game Boys and they were unsuitable for phones.  I did manage to find this iPhone styles which works pretty well with the Galaxy II.  Got it for $2.

3.  Vader Car

Found this awesome little Darth Vader car at the table from one of the Toy vendors.  It’s going to being a great addition to my Darth Vader collection.  Got it for $2.

4.  Lando Calrissian (Skiff Guard Outfit)

I got this sweet Lando figure from the same guy that I got the Vader Car from.  He comes with his helmet, staff and even a pistol in his holster so he’s pretty complete.  Got him for $2 as well.

5.  Headless Troopers

I don’t know how or why I ran into this assortment of headless Star Wars troopers.  Maybe it has something to do with Halloween.  Anyways I found these guys to use as spare parts for my other Troops.    I did consider having them around as some sort of  cadre of Undead Troops sent in for special missions or cannon fodder.  Ha!  Anyways, I got them for $.50 each.

6.  Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Outfit)

Found this Luke figure in his Stormtrooper outfit from A New Hope.  He’s missing his helmet but otherwise in good condition.  I got him for $1.

7.  Star Wars Lunchbox Tin

Got this box for $4.  I have a similar box with a different design that I use to hold my Magic the Gathering cards.  Its in good condition with only a few dents in it.

8.  Assortment of Books

I browsed through a book vendor looking for a gift for a friend but couldn’t find anything appropriate.  I did find these books there that would be great for my library.

Dr. No by Ian Fleming – I love James Bond and always wanted to build up a collection of the original novels that made up the film franchise.  Cost… $.50.

Watership Down by Richard Adams – I never got to read this book but watched the animated film many times.  I did have a copy before but I gave away as a gift before I could read it.  Now I can!  Cost…$.50.

Smoke and Mirrors by Neil Gaiman – I’m a fan of Neil’s work and already have several of his books.  Its been awhile since I got a new book of his and this book of short stories is just perfect for getting back into his work.  Cost…$.50.

Writing Movies – Gotham Writers’ Workshop – I’m an aspiring writer and have several books on how to write in different styles and different mediums.  This would be my first book on writing for movies.  I learned how to write screenplays in school but it has been many years since then and I have not had the need to write them in recent years.  With today’s media being very Hollywood focused it would behoove me to brush up on screenwriting and maybe turn some of my stories into scripts for marketability.  The book cost me $1.

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