Sunday 10/14/12

This past Sunday was another expedition to the Alamo Flea Market.  It was fair out and the crowd was decent.  There was much to see and there were some good finds.  If I had more time and money I could have gotten more but today I walked away with these finds…

1.  Darth Vader Pillow

Found this great pillow with Darth Vader designs on it as I was leaving the market.  It is most likely homemade but it is of good quality.  This would make the third Star Wars bedding item I have found at the Pulga.  Now I just needs a few blankets and I’ll have a whole bedroom set.  This pillow cost me $4

2.  Momo Plush

I have been collecting these plush Momo dolls for a while now and have started quite the little collection.  They are from the Happy Meal set of toys for The Last Airbender movie by M. Night Shyamalan.  The movie was a horrid abomination which was an insult to the fans of the original cartoon (myself included) and it ended up ruining M. Night’s reputation as a director.  Take that you Hack!  The only good thing to come out of that movie were these little toys which are so cute!  When I have enough I’ll probably give them away to Avatar fans on Reddit.

3.  Jack Ball

This Jack-in-the-Box antenna ball cost me $.50.  Cheaper than the one you could get from the restaurant.  They used to come in different assortments during the holidays but this the basic one they sell year round.

4.  Padme Amidala Legacy Collection Action Figure

This was a very lucky find.  It was in the same pile of toys that I found the Jack Ball in which was mostly just a pile of old kiddie toys and broken plastic junk.  Dumpster diving pays off!  She was fairly clean and had her mask and gun which is rare in second-hand figures.  I got her for $.50.

5.  Sphinx Baseball Cap

This baseball cap jumped out at me on my last isle and only cost $1.  I noticed the skull and Egyptian style headdress right away.  I have a fondness for Egyptian decor so I snatched it up.  It’s in good condition but not of the best quality so I don’t think it was something premium like a souvenir from the Luxor or anything like that. I can’t identify its origin but in my mind it’s part of the Venture Brother’s mythos.  SPHINX!

6.  Wounded Star Wars Troopers

These two figures were in a bin full of junk that was going for $.25 a piece.  Normally I don’t give a second thought to broken figures but troopers make an exception.  Since they are soldiers they are prone to being damaged so having a few “wounded” troops around makes a certain amount of sense.  Besides, you never know when you might be able to swap out a few parts to make a complete figure.

7.  Men in Black Figures

It’s rare to find MIB figures, especially from the cartoon show.  I believe these came from a kid’s meal and have no special properties other than being figures of Agent J &K.  Still, I am a fan of the cartoon which was very good and I’m happy to have these in my collection.

8.  IG-88 Action Figure

This figure is from the 90’s but he is a good place holder for my Bounty Hunter collection.  IG-88 hasn’t changed much since the 80’s so it’s a good fit plus he came with his weapon, which as I said before, is rare and adds to the value.  I got him for a $1.


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