Sunday 10/08/12

Sunday was a pretty lousy day for Pulga pickin’.  It’s ironic because it was the perfect weather to be outside.  Our first bit of Fall weather seemed to herald a new season of Flea Market finds but alas there was not much to be had.

I went to the South 23rd Flea Market and did my walkabout.  There was the usual amount of things there but nothing new that really interested me.  The only thing that I came back with was this Royal Guard Action Figure.

I had seen the figure before and bought a similar Darth Vader figure from him before.  Its from an older set that had “action poses” you could set the figure in.  It cost me $3.

I went home afterwards despondent that my day would be lousy.  That’s when I remembered that the All City Indoor Market was going on that day!  It only happens on the first Sunday of the Month so it was lucky that I remembered.

It was open from 9am to 4pm so I had lost time.  I hurried there to catch the last two hours of the show.  It wasn’t too bad.  Mostly antiques and crafts but there were several vendors who sold toys and collectibles.  Sadly, they were all very expensive and there was not much there that I could afford or otherwise find cheaper elsewhere.  I did come back with this small prize though.

This special “Order 66” set of figures was only available at Target and paired a notable Jedi with their Clone Trooper counterpart.  This set was of Luminara Unduli and the AT-RT Driver.  Both are figures I do not have and go well with the figures I already got.  I got this for $4.

Well, that’s it for this post.  I will post later on the locations I visited to give you all more info on what they are like and where to find them.  Till next time…  Happy hunting!


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