Saturday 9/29/2012

This past week I ended up going to the Alamo Flea Market on Saturday the 29th.  I wasn’t planning to go that day and was instead planning to attend the following day (Sunday) which usually has a larger crowd of vendors and buyers but my wife insisted that we go because she was in the mood.

It was not one of my better trips and my wife says it’s probably because she was there.  I’m inclined to agree.  (J/K)  I do believe there’s a certain mojo that comes with seeking stuff out and maybe it’s because I went to the Expo the week before or that I went on the wrong day.  In any case I only found a few things of note so I am including a few things I found in an earlier expedition to boost this post.  Enjoy!

1.  Strutz

You’d be surprised how many random things you can find at the flea market.  A lot of these are “As seen on TV” type stuff that never gets sold or has been discounted or damaged somehow.  It was actually Kim (the Wife) who saw this and thought it might help me with the arches on my feet.  It was only a few dollars and they work surprisingly well so far.  They feel slightly uncomfortable and yet make walking easier.  Time will tell if they were a good buy.

2.  Star Wars: Shock Trooper Action Figure

I found this guy at one of the usual Toy vendors there at the Pulga.  It was the only figure still in its package which is almost Mint.  One can never have enough Troopers and this was a great find for $4 which was almost half of what you find in stores.

3.  Princess Celestia Figurine

Princess Celestia was a lucky find.  This particular figure is solid plastic and from a boxed set of similar figures.  As a Brony, I appreciate all things Pony but find that I can’t stand “brushies”.  That is the Pony figures with the brushable hair that was the point of the original toys and the basis for the current cartoon of which I fancy.  As such I try to find the solid plastic toys which are harder to find as they are only sold in certain stores in certain box sets which can be expensive.  She was only $2.

4.  G1 Transformer: Hound

I missed this guy the first time I browsed the isles at the Pulga.  I just happened to be walking out when I noticed him out of the corner of my eye.  He’s in fair condition, missing some pieces, has some broken parts and has a slight coating of paint on him.  Still, Hound has a place in heart as he was the 2nd Transformer that I got when I was a boy.  I still have my original somewhere at my Parent’s house but it was kinda nice to have him for my office at work.

5.  Star Wars Figures

More Star Wars figures for my collection!  The Luke Skywalker in his Pilot Uniform was a great find and was a favorite of mine growing up.  What makes him even better is that he’s a matched set with the X-Wing Fighter I found a while back.  The Jawa was just a fun figure to have.  I already have a few of them but making a little gang of them to torment my droids is just good fun.  The little Han Solo figure is from a set of figures marketed to smaller children but are a fan favorite.  I have a small collection starting and this Han goes great with the little Chewie I have.

6.  Pewter Mug

I had been searching for a pewter mug for a long time.  I had seen a few before now and again but there was always something wrong with them.  They were either broken, corroded, or etched with something that didn’t agree with me.  I finally found this mug that was in good condition with a decent shine and few scratches.  What cemented it was the stamp on the bottom saying that it was “Fine English Pewter” or some such so I snatched it up quick.  Only cost me $2.

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